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At IB-Trade B.V. in the Netherlands, we have various used food machinery for sale. Even though we sell brand-new machines as well, we find that by offering second-hand machines we can deliver high-quality machinery to companies for a competitive price. Due to our international network, as much as 75% of our business is done abroad, we are able to ship and install machines worldwide.

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All kinds of used food machinery for sale at competitive rates-必威体育亚洲品牌

From our personal experience, we can tell you that very often machines that are broken can be easily fixed. This way, we give used food and processing machinery a new lease of life and save many kilos of waste from the scrapheap. This attributes to a significantly lower emission and impacts the environment less.

Always invest in quality-必威体育亚洲品牌

betway必威体育西汉姆When you decide to acquire a new machine for your processing or production line, it is smart to only invest in top brands. At IB-Trade B.V., we only sell and re-sell renowned brands like Henkelman, Marel and Aeromix. They stand for quality equipment, good usability and a durable choice of machine. The used food machinery we have for sale are split into the following groups:

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No one appreciates a non-working production line. If you need new equipment and have found a suitable item among the used food machinery we have for sale, please give us a call. You can reach us via +31 (0)85 0660 247. We have an expert in-house customer care department that informs clients about price, delivery and installation.

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