BladeStop™ Bandsaw-betway必威体育西汉姆

Meat bandsaw accidents result in masses of injuries such as severe cuts, muscle damage, nerve and tendon damage and amputations.

This innovative product provides all users of bandsaws with significant benefits. By implementing a BladeStop™ Bandsaw betway必威体育西汉姆machine you can:

  • Safety - Increase bandsaw operator’s safety
  • Workers – Improve personnel morale; happy and motivated workers
  • Company – Improve company’s image as an attractive workplace
  • Production – Reduce production time lost due to injuries
  • Compensation – Greatly reduce worker’s compensation cost
  • Insurance – Reduce insurance premiums
  • Uptime – Increase processing uptime
  • Employment Costs – Reduce operator turnover and training costs
  • OH&S – Promote positive OH&S related to bandsaw operation
  • Spoilage – Reduce product spoilage