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Are you looking for a platform where new and used fish processing equipment is for sale? IB-Trade B.V. is the store for you. If you work in the industry, you know how much equipment is needed to successfully run a fish processing plant. Purchasing brand-new machines is a costly affair and second-hand machines work just as well or even better.

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Recycled fish processing equipment for sale at IB-Trade B.V.-必威体育亚洲品牌

Because new machinery is reasonably expensive, we also trade in second-hand machinesbetway必威体育西汉姆. This way, we save valuable metals and other materials from the scrapyard and we do our best for the environment. We often see that giving fish processing equipment a new lease of life and putting them up for sale costs less energy than throwing it away.

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There are a lot of machines for an even larger number of actions. Therefore, we have an extensive assortment of fish processing equipment up for sale on our website. We sell new and used machines from about a dozen brands. Either new or all checked and refurbished by us. If you require a machine, we invite you to browse through our range. Should you need any help, or do you have any questions, please call us at +31 (0)85 0660 247.

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