Carnitech 2620 + 2630 De-heading & Filleting Line-必威体育亚洲品牌

The Carnitech Salmon Deheader is designed for automatic deheading and tail cutting of salmon.
The machine works in 4 steps:
1) The salmon is placed in the infeed carriage and the operator activates the machine.
2) The salmon is deheaded.
3) The tail is cut off.
4) The salmon is delivered into the filleting machine.

The CT2620 deheading machine makes a uniform cut, and the machine is capable of handling up to 15 fish per minute. The machine is designed to fit with the CT 2630 filleting machine, and the infeed of the salmon in to the filleting machine is carried out with no manual handling at all.

The head and tails are collected beneath the machine and carried away by a small conveyor belt. Operating the CT 2620 is easy, and there are just a few adjust- ments to make when you go from one fish size to another.

The operation costs are reduced due to the automation of the whole process, and overall yield is optimized due to better control of deheading, tail cut and improved filleting.

The CT 2630 Filleting Machine is designed for salmon, trout and other species with a similar bone structure. Its design features a unique cutting principle comprised of a combination of band knives and circular knives, ensuring very gentle processing of raw material and a clean cut, with maximum yield.

These features make the CT 2630 an extremely efficient and flexible filleting machine.