BAADER 601 Separator - overhauled with side infeed-必威体育亚洲品牌

BAADER 601 is a highly efficient separator with minimal space requirements.

Operator requirements: 1 person
Drum hole diameter: 1.3; 2; 3 ;5 mm
(other dimensions upon request)

The throughput is dependent upon several factors including: type of product, hole diamter, in-feed device, material pre-treatment (e.g. degree of pre-grinding), feeding temperature, selected pressure etc. The values for each application are individually determined between the customer of the machine and the supplier.

Highest end product quality/gentle product processing
Hygienic stainless steel, compact construction
Unique Design
Reduced labour costs
User-friendly and ergonomic operation
Simplified cleaning and servicing easy and time saving cleaning
Hygienic standards recognized world-wide
Reduced machine wear
CE /ETL labelled - USDA approved